Holiday Savings Tips

It’s no secret that the holidays are quickly approaching and the time for buying presents for everyone as well as getting all the supplies for many holiday dinners is upon us. With all these sudden purchases being made at the same time it may be hard to follow your budget. If you’re reading this you may be in luck for some simple tips for savings a few dollars this year.
1) If your going to be using a credit card make sure to only spend what you can pay back at the end of the month so you are not wasting money on interest.

2) Before you start shopping, look around for deals and coupons online or in all the ads that show up in the mail this time of year. All the work will be worth it when you’re saving money.

3) Try shopping during peak hours during the week. Many stores make deals from the hours 9 am-1 pm during the week to try to encourage more shoppers.

4) For college students, try stopping by the university bookstore to get the simple gifts that any Wildcat fan will enjoy.

5) Don’t just shop at the mall! Take a fun little trip to the small stores that could be cutting some great deals for the holidays.

6) Homemade gifts are always a great way to make something personal and save money all at the same time. This is a great excuse to browse Pineterest!

No need to go in debt after one holiday season, save yourself some money and take a chance on a few of these tips!

Happy Holidays!

In Sisterhood

Anna Monson


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