Safe Holiday Driving Tips!

As the semester winds down, we begin to pack up and head our separate ways. Whether it is various places for the holiday or various places for jobs after graduation, the weather is something we are all going to battle. Not only has winter started to show its true colors with the bitter cold we have been having the last few days, but snow has begun to fly across the country and before we know it, it will be in good ‘ole Manhattan Kansas as well. So here are some things to remember while we are out facing the weather all over the country to ensure safe travels for all of us!


  1. Never drive fatigued. This seems pretty common sense like, but we are all stressed from coming out of finals and just want to get home! But the more fatigued we are the slower our reaction times are so this could be of hazard, especially if it’s a nasty snow storm.
  2. Watch weather reports. This will help you be aware what you may be facing throughout your trip. If it looks to be TOO bad just stay home!
  3. When roads are icy give yourself adequate room for stopping. Be sure to give yourself extra room for stopping/slowing down. As we all know the ice can cause sliding for you and those around you.
  4. Be cautious of those around you. You might be driving safely but those around you might not have everything under control so be sure that you can react appropriately.


If you get stuck

  1. Call for help
  2. Insulate yourself
  3. Dig out around the exhaust
  4. Wait patiently until help arrives in your vehicle–standing by the road can be very dangerous


If you get stuck, it is important to follow the steps above to ensure your own safety. Digging out the exhaust will help ensure that your car doesn’t fill up with carbon monoxide. Once you have dug out around your car be sure to bundle up to stay warm. AAA recommends that you try to conserver gas by just running your car long enough to keep the chill off (and reduces carbon monoxide exposure) and stay bundled as much as possible. They also recommend in severe cases tie a brightly colored ribbon onto your car antenna to alert others where you are.

Along with these little tips, I would also encourage keeping a small amount of food in the car in case you become stranded. I always try to keep some crackers, granola bars, water, etc in the car so if I need it I have something.

I hope that you all have a very safe and wonderful holiday!

In Sisterhood,

Kirby Crownover 


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