Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for Everyone

Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for Everyone

With the holidays coming up I’ve been trying to be really creative with gift ideas. Unfortunately, I’ve passed my time where I get to slip my name on a present that my mom buys for dad/brother/aunt etc. So, in the spirit of the holidays I’m going to share some ideas that I’ve come up with and others that I’ve seen so that way any other gift-challenged person may get some ideas.

-A watch, but with a Wildcat in the background. Classy and school pride all in one!
-Home Depot/Lowe’s/Menards gift card. As if they’ll NEVER have to go there, right?
-A paid trip to Cabela’s, Bass Pro etc. This is one shopping trip they won’t pass up!

-Jewelry, you can’t go wrong with a thoughtful necklace or bracelet!
-If they are the chef of the house, check out for excellent kitchen accessories!
-A soft, down blanket/slippers/robe is always a good comfy gift that will most definitely be used around this time of the year!

Random gift ideas:
-Sign them up for Netflix for a couple months, add in popcorn and candy for the full package!
-Camera bug? Pay for Shutterfly subscription – this site allows them to edit photos and make them into personalized calendars and other cool projects with photos!
-Caffeine addict? Buy a cute thermos, stick in a Starbucks gift card and a couple tea bags and you’re set!
-Manicure/pedicure in a jar. Buy a couple nail polish colors, manicure stick, cuticle accessories and set them all in a mason jar decorated with paint and/or ribbon for the full affect!
-Friend around the 21 age? Buying a couple of cheap wine glasses and decorating them with paint can make a very cute and creative gift!

Some wonderfully unique gift ideas that WON’T get re gifted can be found on the DIY network show “I Want That”. Check out their show on the DIY network or go online to search through all their gifts. You won’t be disappointed, promise!

Remember, gifts don’t always have to have an impressive price tag. Gifts that mean something and were clearly thought out outshine any Ralph Lauren/Coach purchase. Unless of course that’s exactly the kind of thoughtfulness you’re asking for this Christmas.

In Sisterhood,

Samantha Boyajian


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December 10, 2013 · 3:20 PM

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