Surviving Finals!

As finals approach, I thought everyone deserved a few tips on how to study efficiently, even when we don’t want to. Here a few tips from
1. Study in chunks- give yourself time to retain the information and not get overloaded
2. Listen to Mozart- studies show that this type of music increases your learning capability; activating both sides of the brain (maybe that’s why my science teacher always played Mozart during tests!)
3. Alternate your study spots- I actually tried this earlier in the semester and it worked!
4. Drink Cocoa- this has antioxidants as well as mood and cognitive enhancers; unfortunately, chocolate doesn’t count, but there are several drink recipes that work perfectly.
5. Get into or start a study group- study groups motivate you when you can’t motivate yourself. Plus, if you struggle with a particular problem, hopefully between everyone in the group, you can figure it out. Divide and conquer!
6. Try to prevent test anxiety- this one is a bit more challenging….figure out ways that can keep yourself calm before beginning the exam or even studying for them. The important thing is to think positive thoughts of acing the test.
7. Jog around campus or simply exercise- Exercising just 20 minutes a day can increase your memory.
8. Manage your time- figure out which classes will need more studying than others. It might help to create a schedule so you can follow it. Also, don’t forget to include breaks. Those are important!
9. Go to office hours of your professors or TA’s- ask them all the questions you have. They enjoy the company, well most do, and will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.
10. Approach each class differently- learn how to study for each class. You can’t study for Chemistry and Speech the same way. Figure out the best studying techniques for each class and use them!
11. Build on what you know- its easier to start with what you know and add the more complicated things to it. It helps you remember everything easier.
12. Make it interesting- If you are struggling remembering something, try to connect it to something you are familiar with or using memory aids like mnemonic devices. Make information personal and it will help.
Hopefully all of these tips make studying go a little easier. I know I will be following a few myself. Just remember to listen to music, get a little jog in, eat/drink cocoa, move around your study spots, study in chunks, and make yourself mentally strong. And the most important thing to never forget is getting an efficient amount of sleep. This one is normally overlooked, but plays an important role. Good luck to everyone on their finals!
In Sisterhood,
Bailey Aiken

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