Sisterhood Lasts Long After Graduation

With the holidays in full swing, I can’t help to reflect on the years behind me. I graduated from Kansas State a year and a half ago, and I am so thankful for the many great years I had in Manhattan. My college years were absolutely fantastic.

I joined Sigma Alpha my freshman year. As an out of state student from Iowa, I was searching for like-minded friends. Although I made friends from all walks of life during my college years, after graduating a year and a half ago, my Sigma Alpha sisters and I have continued to stay close. Many of my other relationships have since diminished, but my friendships with these special girls haven’t faded. Through the new cities, new friends, new boyfriends, new apartments and new jobs, I still depend on these girls for their support and advice. The visits and phone calls may be few and far between, but I know they are going to be influential FANTASTIC friends for the rest of my life.

As a member of Sigma Alpha in college, I took all of the chapter activities seriously. Sigma Alpha definitely was a priority for me in college. As I look back on those experiences, although those activities are important, the relationships I gained while doing them has been the most important.

During these activities, I met my life friends. A lifelong friendship was formed on the way to Indiana for a Sigma Alpha conference. I met another great friend due to a conversation at a meeting, a few cinnamon rolls in the dorm bakery and a closet cleaning. The support of a sister led to my involvement on the dairy judging team, scoring 11 on a class of Jersey’s and watching her marry the love of her life. If it weren’t for Sigma Alpha, these amazing girls and experiences wouldn’t be in my life.


My freshman year in college, I had no idea Miss Kleine and I would be best friends.


It was great seeing my sister Deanna get married, and I am blessed I was able to share that special day with her!


This was taken my sophomore year in college, a few years later, and Megan would still probably say I am her ‘crazy’ friend.


I hope all of my sisters across the country have a wonderful holiday season, and I am thankful to have all of you in my life.

In Sisterhood,

Beth Holz


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