Life of a Bulldog

               Recently I became a very proud owner of a “little” English bulldog puppy whose name is “Coy.” My dream dog has always been an English bulldog ever since I laid eyes on the cute wrinkles that draped off their rear end. A couple months ago my mom called me up deciding that I would be given my dream dog. So I drove down to Oklahoma and met the little guy that would be joy to my life. Coy is now 4.5 months old and around 35lbs. Needless to say he’s a tank! Before I picked up my little ball of joy I did tons of research mostly talking with my veterinarian and a family friend who breeds world class bulldogs.  They both notified me on their destructive nature, countless hours of “cleaning” their rolls and not to mention their aptitude for racking up the vet bill. I took their comments into consideration but the one thing that stuck with me was that fact that they both told me I will be having a lot of fun with my new bulldog.


               The day I got Coy we ventured 4 hours back to K-State and what a ride that was. We were literally 20 minutes from our destination when he decides to relieve his bowels directly on the console of my truck… in other words the windows were rolled down the rest of the way home. Since that day he has shown me just exactly how many times he can poop, throw up, pee and eat all in one day. Let’s just say I think I need to buy stock in paper towels and dog floor cleaner. Yet, this crazy little dog has shown me how to have so much fun. Watching him grow up these past couple months has been exhilarating and exhausting. My boyfriend informs me that Coy does not know he’s a dog which may come back to bite me but, for now he’s a real “mommas boy.” He loves to sit in my lap, lie in my bed (with his head on the pillow), ride on the console of the truck and loves a little human food every now and then. Even on the days he has to get a bath I throw him into the shower with me and precedes to stand under the water just like a person. Now how’s that for acting like a dog?

               I forgot the joys of raising a puppy and on top of that a male, non-neutered puppy. So now that I have him I’m beginning to reflect back on the advice I have gotten from people over the years and well….it’s pretty much all true. Even knowing that, I wouldn’t trade this dog for anything. He keeps me on my toes, gives me quite a few laughs and keeps me awake with his terrible snoring at night. Now that he’s older his digestive system has seemed to calm down some but, every once in a while there’s an accident. As far as destructiveness he’s very smart about listening and responding to things when he gets in trouble. He loves his squeaker toys though!


               A couple weeks ago I had to attend a convention in LA and asked my parents to “babysit” for me while I was gone. When I came home the stories poured out about Coy getting into lots of trouble. The first night I was gone my mom let him outside to go play and go to the bathroom. She said he was outside for maybe 20 minutes and when she went outside to get him he never came. So she walked around the front of the house calling his name and sure enough he comes tottering out of the dog kennel with a huge belly. What my mom soon finds out is that my brother dropped a whole bag of dog food on the ground which he just left. I’m guessing you can figure out what happened next. Coy’s belly was so big and he was so full he walked into the house plopped down on the floor and fell fast asleep. Everyone thought he was going to explode, not sure from what end but that it was definitely going to happen. A couple hours passed and no signs of explosion but, definitely lots and lots of really bad gas. My mom said she had never seen him so full and when he looked up at her he knew he had eaten way too much food. For such a young dog and bulldog he is very smart but very stupid at the same time which is why I’m definitely loving every bit of our time together.


In Sisterhood,


Lauryn Brown


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