Discover the Red Panda



As we have grown up, we all have had a favorite animal that stood out to us. The most common response from a child is the cheetah, a type of dog, or a horse, and as we grow older our response tends to vary. However since I was young, my favorite animal that has always stood out to me in the Red Panda! A majority of people in the population do not know much information about this animal because it is not an extremely familiar animal. However since the Red Panda is vulnerable to becoming on the endangered species list, there are a few interesting facts that people should know about this furry creature.

  1. Red Pandas are NOT related to the Giant Panda.

Surprisingly enough, the evolution of the Red Panda has had much debate over the last ten to fifteen years. The most common misconception is that they are related to the Giant Panda, bears, or raccoons. The Red Panda has actually been established to have its own phylogenetic family.

  1. Part carnivore. Part Herbivore

Unexpectedly, a Red Panda is under the Order of Carnivora, which means that they do eat meat. However, they are mostly herbivores! Their diet is really close to the Giant Panda, which is made up of mostly bamboo.

  1. Sugar Addicts

Since the Red Panda is in captivity, they have done research projects with them to learn more about their diets. They discovered that they have a sweet tooth, and have a preference to artificial sugars.

  1. Camouflage

The Red Panda has a bright red/orange tinted color fur that most would say stinks out, since it is not common in the wild. However since the Red Panda is mostly only found in the Eastern Himalayas, they have a tree of the same color as their fur.

  1. The issue of cheese

Currently, most of the population of Red Panda’s live in the Nepal Langtang National Park in the Himalayas. They are facing issues with poaching and habitat loss, but now the Red Panda are facing more issues with cheese factories. The cheese factories are also located in the same park as the Red Pandas, and need milk to produce the cheese. So the factories are allowed to have their cows roam the park and this causes many issues. They compete with food resources, space, and the dogs used to round them up have killed many.

  1. Red Pandas Tweet too!

I originally thought that Red Panda’s do not make a sound, but in fact they do have a sound to communicate. Red Pandas tweet towards each other when they want to communicate!


I hope you all learned something new about this amazing creature!




Information was found at the following website.


In Sisterhood,


Haley White


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