Gobblin’ Good Chili- Turkey Edition

With a few more weeks of cold weather left, warm up with a hearty bowl of turkey chili! Yes, I did say turkey…while most consumers are used to cooking chili with beef, turkey can be an interesting and fun alternative to this classic winter meal- don’t get me wrong, beef is great too!

As a cost-savvy and health conscious college student, this recipe is wonderful! Although I say “recipe”, the fun part is that I don’t exactly have a recipe for it- I put in tomato sauce, ground turkey (97% fat free- how great is that?!), chopped onions, red pepper, and chili beans, and then mix it all together in a pot. Easy as that! Some other ingredients could include mangoes, brussels sprouts, or alfalfa sprouts- get creative! One of the perks of this meal is that if you make it in bulk, you can refrigerate or freeze it and pull it out for a quick meal before class or between meetings.
Connecting this back to agriculture, most consumers don’t realize the amount of effort and time that goes into preparing your ground turkey product. I had the first hand experience of seeing the various process steps that are involved before the product gets to the grocery store. I interned at Cargill Value Added Meats-Retail this past summer and was able to tour the feed mill, hatchery, grower farm, and processing plant. It was amazing to see the precision, dedication, and attentiveness that workers in the industry display to ensure that we as consumers are provided with a safe and wholesome product! Thank a farmer and the agriculture industry workers for feeding you!
I will leave you with a fun fact- the Honey Suckle White brand of ground turkey that you have probably seen in the grocery stores is a Cargill produced product, and the brand Honey Suckle White is more common in the west than in the east! Gobble…Gobble!
In Sisterhood,
Victoria Willis

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