Tips & Tricks for a Fun and Safe Spring Break!

It’s March, and that means spring break! For most college students, spring break is a carefree time for us to spend away from school, responsibilities, and to spend way too much time in the sun. While it is a time to relieve stress of midterms and the upcoming hectic weeks, it is also full of increased accidents and crimes around the country. Below I have found some helpful tips when traveling for spring break on how to stay safe and responsible. In addition, there are some tips on how to make the dollar stretch a little farther while traveling.


The following tips were suggested in an article by Sarah Tedford, coordinator of K-State’s Healthy Decisions. She is part of K-State’s counseling services.


  • Buddy Systems—don’t go ANYWHERE alone. Jogging, walking, or leaving with strangers alone can make you vulnerable to dangerous situations.
  • Drink responsibly—never drink on an empty stomach, or drink while on prescription medicines or other drugs. If you are drinking in the hot sun, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Alcohol consumption makes you more susceptible to sunburn, so make sure to prepare accordingly.
  • Always lock your cars, hotel doors, and keep your valuables hidden in a secure area.
  • When traveling with your own medications—make sure they are clearly marked and bring paper copies of prescription medications for backups.
  • For emergency preparation—keep one credit card for unexpected expenses, health insurance card, emergency contact information, and a photo ID at all times.


As a college student, spring break causes us to pinch our pennies throughout the year. Once on spring break, we realize how expensive it really can be; only to return to the never-ending list of bills that we left behind. To avoid a little pain of expenses, I have a list of money saving ideas I’ve learned over the years. I use these simple tips on a daily basis and plan to use them while on spring break also.


  • Pack granola bars, cereal, or other dry foods to avoid expensive airport food or having to purchase single-serving foods while traveling.
  • When arriving at your hotel, buy food from the local grocery store to microwave or make in your hotel to avoid eating out for every meal.
  • Look on websites such as for coupon deals on activities, dinners, group rates, etc. in your area to save money.
  • Plan out activities before you go so you can tentatively budget for the entire trip beforehand.
  • To avoid thieves and pickpockets, keep your money and valuables in a closed pouch of your purse or in your front pocket–not the back.
  • Don’t keep all of your cash and credit cards in one place.
  • When shopping, avoid pulling large amounts of cash out in the open at once.


Spring break should be a time to relax and temporarily forget about school. Remember these tips while having fun and you’ll come back just as relaxed and ready for the rest of the semester. Hopefully they help you when planning your trip!

In Sisterhood,

Shelby Droddy


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