Asking the Right Questions


Recently, on the website The Berry I stumbled across an article that is helpful for anyone looking for internships or jobs and wants to be more prepared. This fall I went through so many interviews for internships I actually can’t recall the exact number. I, as recommended, did my research on each individual company I had applied for internships with, gaining a little insight on each of them. The interviewers all gave an informative and detailed synopsis of their company, the position they currently held, and what my potential position would entail. However, at the end of each interview I found myself stumped with the same problem. “What did I need/want to know that I hadn’t already found out myself or that they hadn’t gone over during the interview?” To be honest, I am one of the least inquisitive people on this earth. My mother has told me on numerous occasions that I should have been a boy because of this quality. Asking questions is something I have been working on, and my interview process has definitely helped, but The Berry posed questions I had never personally thought to ask when closing an interview. These were all excellent sample questions sure to impress any potential employer. So for those of you out there who may have a similar dilemma, this is for you! I hope this helps all of you and good luck on your interviews!


In Sisterhood,

Emily Lingenfelter


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