Spring; a Time for New Life

After every winter lies spring. Warmer days greet each person with a soft kiss of warm sunlight. Birds reunite with their chosen ground and frogs come out from their frozen slumber. With every spring comes new life at my family’s cow/calf operation in east central Kansas. Spring is always my favorite part of the year. It’s usually when all of the cows calve, the cats have their kittens or the dog has its pups. New life on the ranch brings a whole new year, a new start.
My family runs roughly 200 head of cattle. Which means 200 new babies every year. Although I love spring, waiting for the babies to arrive is brutal. With my small herd of cows it is the longest wait anyone could imagine. It all begins at conception, taking time to artificially inseminate each cow with the correct bull. Then the long wait, ranch work continues without a skip in the daily grind of school or work. Finally the day comes when you get a call with the wonderful news of a new calf hitting the ground. Once one calf comes it feels like an eternity until every last calf is born. I love waking up each morning, looking out the back door and seeing those little balls of joy running, playing and fighting amongst each other. It is a great way to start a day. You don’t know which on will be the next big show calf or which one will feed out the best in the feedlot. Being able to watch them grow into mature animals is the most amazing thing. With every spring brings new life, new joy and new work.
In Sisterhood,
Katie Berglund

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