Who Saved Who?

Coming from an Ag background, I was used to having some sort of animal around at all times. Boy was coming to college a shock. There were no dogs to play with, no barn cats to feed, and no throwing hay out to the horses. My freshman year I tried to compensate by getting a fish; he was a beautiful beta fish named Marvin. I’m not sure what I expected to do with Marvin, but soon found out all I could do was watch him swim around his little tank, BORING. Then my roommate and I adopted a small hamster, whom we named, Dorothy.  We thought little Dorothy would liven up our sad little dorm room and give us a piece of the animal filled lives we used to live. We very quickly learned that “livening” up our doom room meant a weird smell and loud hamster running sounds at night.

 Fast-forward to junior year and I’m living the high life in a house, good-bye dorms! Now that I live in a house, the possibility of having a dog seemed so real, but I had to go through my roommates and my mom. I knew my roommates wouldn’t mind, and I didn’t really have to tell my mom right away (sorry mom).  I had been looking nonstop at puppies and dogs until one day a friend called me up and asked if I wanted to go look at the animals in the shelter. Of course I said yes, we started off looking around the local Manhattan shelter, and with no luck we moved on to the Riley County shelter. As soon as we walked in to the kennels, I saw this sad black lab staring up at me from behind his wire gate. This poor dog looked so sad, and the animal lover in me jumped out and decided, I had to save this dog. Long story short, my roommates and I went back the next day to save the giant black lab. All I had to do was sign some papers and Gunner was all mine.

The first week we found out, when left alone, Gunner howls like there is no tomorrow but who can blame him? Who knows how many times the poor dog had been dumped by a family. The next week was thanksgiving break; remember when I said I didn’t tell my mom? Oops.. I drove home with my happy pup in my back seat and dropped him off at my house while I went to a dentist appointment. At this point all I can think about is how mad my mom is going to be, because this dog is the size of a small pony. When I get home from my appointment, I walked in to my room to see that Gunner has eaten my window blinds and screens. I knew my mom was going to kill me, and she was pretty mad; yet it didn’t take her long to fall in love with the big goofy guy. Having Gunner in my life hasn’t always been easy (I’m currently yelling at him to stay out of the trash) but it’s so worth it. Coming home after a long, stressful, test failing day, there is nothing better than seeing your four legged best friend wagging his tail and jumping for joy to see you. Sometimes I catch my self-wondering, who saved who?

In Sisterhood,

Kaci Rempe

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