Summer Time Saddness? More Like Adventures!

Hi all!

Spring has finally sprung and I don’t know about all of you, but my mind seems to be on everything under the sun…except for school. We’re done dressing up for class and showing up early for everything. HELLO sweatpants and fashionably late arrivals. For some of us the end of the semester means graduating and moving into the adult life, but for others it means an internship or summer job. However, for all of us it means a new beginning.  As for me, the end of this semester means graduating and moving into the next chapter of my life. If you were wondering it’s not the big kid life, but I will be starting graduate school at the University of Arkansas studying Poultry Science. It’s real life. Exciting, huh? I don’t want to talk about that though (yes, I’m still in denial). I want to talk to those of you that will be starting internships.


I’ve had 2 internships in my college career. One was close to home in the Kansas City area and one was in Denver, CO. I got both experiences. My biggest piece of advice to you is to EMBRACE IT. Embrace it all. Those people you meet there are going to open doors for you, I promise. You had a bad experience? So what? That just opened a new door for you to something that you will enjoy. Better to have that bad experience when you aren’t a full time employee right? Nod your head; it’s a true statement. These people are professionals in a workplace that you might find yourself in some day. Learn from them. Ask them questions. That’s what they are there for! Most importantly, have fun. I did awesome things in Colorado. I went to a Rockies baseball game, I went to a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater, I experienced the Rocky Mountains, and I made some really awesome friends. My former boss wrote me a letter of recommendation for graduate school. Our personalities were one of the same and we got along fantastic so I was lucky to have her as a contact. See where they can come in handy??

Yes, to those of you who are terrified, it is scary. Moving someplace totally different and not knowing a soul can be overwhelming, but that’s the beauty of it. Make a name for yourself and K-State. Make the company proud to have hired you and make them want you back. You all are wonderful and intelligent young women in a phenomenal industry. I have all the faith in the world that you grab life by the horns and make the best of it. EMBRACE IT!

In Sisterhood,

Jessica Solo


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