A Little Diversity Goes A Long Ways

Coming to Kansas State University has taught me quite a few things; how to survive on ramen, going back home is nice and that everyone is different. Diversity is something that is a part of Kansas State University. I come from a small Kansas town where 99% of the population is white and speaks English. I knew that there would be people from different walks of life a K-State, but I didn’t realize how much that would change my views.

I currently work in one of the Plant Pathology labs along with nine other workers. Our lab is packed. I work with, and around, five people from five different countries. Granted, five of us are from America, the other 50% of the lab are people of a culture different from mine.  Through working in the Plant Path lab I have gained newfound interest and respect for other cultures.

Along with gaining a more diverse experience through my job, I have had quite a few classmates from different countries and cultures. These students can help bring a new perspective into a classroom that can be highly populated with people of a similar culture.

Diversity means to me, things that makes me different than someone else. I have loved getting to learn more about my co-workers’ cultures and I believe that I am a better person for experiencing a little diversity here at K-State. I can take this new interest and understanding of different cultures with me to my future workplace, my future children’s school or back home where I can teach my parents more about how people with different cultures aren’t different in a bad way, but in a good way. The world needs people of every culture, race, gender, class, and environment to work together in order for the world to thrive.

In Sisterhood,

Mackenzie Mortimer


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