Finding What Makes Your Heart Beat

Many of us go through life trying to find out what we want to do, where we want to be, how we are going to get there. Some of us even try to figure out where others want us to be and what they want us to do. I was stuck in this place here a few months to a year ago and still am in this place. When I came to Kansas State University I really knew I hated math with a passion but really thought that I loved accounting until I got into some classes that just bored me to death and I ended up just not feeling like that was where I needed to be. I always knew everyone wanted me to go into something that was guaranteed to make me money and so I chose something that is a necessary job needed every day however I knew deep down inside I didn’t want to do that. My real strong passion was for Dance and Acting. Now this is a career many people think is a blow off and you won’t make as much money as other which if you don’t work for what you want and keep trying until you make it then this can eventually become true.  Taking acting and dancing classes my first semester I really enjoyed every moment of it and I felt alive when I was in those rooms so I minored in dance and theatre but that didn’t feel just enough at all. Back in February I made the best decision of my life that I could have and for my future. I finally changed my major to Theatre with an emphasis in Acting and Concentration in Dance. Where this will take me in life I am not sure at all. What I do know is that I made a decision that made my heart beat strong. All in all, make choices for yourself, do what you want to do and find what makes your heart beat and follow your dreams. And NEVER, NEVER, let anyone tell you that you can’t because YOU can!

In Sisterhood,

Courtney Hoover


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