Learning To Tread Water


The summer of 2014 blessed me with the opportunity to complete a poultry marketing internship with Merck Animal Health. Since this was my first internship, I did not really have a strong idea of what to expect. However throughout my time with Merck Animal Health, I learned significant skillsets that will be helpful to me for my future career. A few of these skillsets include time management, expansion of industry knowledge, and exposure to new technology and programs used within a corporation. However, the main learning curve that I took away from my internship was learning how to tread water in a company!

Throughout my internship with Merck Animal Health, I was involved in several projects within the poultry industry. One of my first projects was to learn the full functionality and ability of an application that sales representatives used in the field. The goal of this project was to simplify the amount of “digging” for information and to personalize the app to fit the user’s needs. After I learned the material, I was given the opportunity to travel to the National Sales Meeting in Montgomery, AL to present training on the application to the US Poultry Team. The training ended in success with multiple satisfied employees!

The project that I felt most proud of was called the Backyard Chicken Project. I was given the task of doing research into the amount of birds that the public has in their backyard. At first this projects seemed to lead to a dead end because most of the states are not keeping track of how many birds are in backyards. However after networking with some of Merck’s contacts, I was able to start gathering information on how many birds are actually out there. I was shocked at how many noncommercial hatcheries that are out there and how many backyard birds might actually be out in the United States.
During my time as the Poultry Marketing Intern, I worked with a few other interns from across the US. Near the end of our internships, the interns and I put together a short video to help future interns have a better understanding of interning at Merck Animal Health. Please take a look at the link below!

In sisterhood,

Haley White


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