Crafting 101

Who doesn’t love crafts? Even if you are artistically challenged, Pinterest and this new DIY craze has opened billions of doors for the creatively challenged. Here is a simple and quick idea that can be transformed into almost anything.
So first, the canvas can be found at your local craft store (i.e. Hobby Lobby) for about seven to ten bucks. I was lucky and found it on sale – I’m all about those bargains – for five. The flowers can also be found there, most likely in the scrapbooking section, for about two dollars for a pack of like a dozen. Lastly, pick your paint (mine was acrylic) and you’ll be ready to begin.
If free-handing isn’t an option for you, go online to Google, type in what you want, and print off your images in the size and shape you desire. Cut out your letters and stencil them onto the canvas.
Paint the inside of your letters with the color of your choice. You may have to do multiple coats.
Ready your hot glue gun and begin to hot glue your flowers equal distances apart on the canvas and presto! You now have created a beautiful canvas in less than an hour.


Wishing you the best, and happy crafting!

In Sisterhood,
Bailey Spencer


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