MC Sisterhood Bonding at Pumpkin Patch

As a fun way to kick off the week of Halloween and as a way to get to know our fellow Rho Class sisters better, a few of us MC’s took a trip to Britt’s Farm Pumpkin Patch just on the outskirts of Manhattan for a fun filled day of sisterhood, agriculture, and fall!

The four of us got very, very lost in a corn maze, shot potatoes out of a cannon and attempted (not very well thanks to the heavy winds) to hit the hay bale target, picked pumpkins off of the vine (Kaitlyn had never been to a pumpkin patch where the pumpkins had not already been picked so this was very exciting!), took a hay rack ride where we were able to see lots of crops growing such as sorghum, peppers, and corn, and of course took lots and lots of pictures.

This fun trip to the pumpkin patch was a great way to get to know our new sisters better while celebrating the beautiful season of fall and all of the agriculture which comes along with the season. We are now all looking forward to getting to know the rest of our sisters better as our activation is already just about a week away, pumpkin carving, and lots of candy!


In sisterhood,
Kaitlyn Alanis , Lizzie Gieseke, Karley Stockton, and Tara Wilson


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