A Week of Summer Changed my Life!

Many wouldn’t believe that a trip to Decorah, IA for a Dance intensive would change a life, however it did for me! On July 16th, 2014; I took a long 10 hour drive with my parents almost to the border of Wisconsin and Minnesota. They got me settled in for the week and left the next morning. The very next morning I was already feeling homesick however I was excited and unsure what this week would be like. Jane Hawley (the founder of MF) greeted me at the Center for the Arts and everyone became close to one another within the first hour of being there. Usually I wouldn’t be so close to a group of complete strangers the very first day but this was different, they made you feel at home. A KSU dance professor attended the workshop as well and I met a KSU Alum as well, which was pretty awesome. Not only at the workshop when I would walk around this small town there were several people that knew of K-State and even attended themselves!
​Movement Fundamentals is the creativity of movement that flows into a dance bringing the mind, body, and soul connected. Throughout the week we danced, moved, told personal stories and just were fully engaged with one another from 7 a.m. to around 10 p.m. in the evening and then a new day would start. What changed me so much was I was told how beautiful I was by everyone each day, and it was so shocking because I was never really told that before. Not only was I learning a lot about movement/dance, but I learned so much about myself. My favorite experience of that was being able to perform my very first production in front of my parents and of course a complete set of strangers. Not only did I learn a lot about myself I have begun a career for a lifetime and gained friends for a lifetime that all have the same common interest. I can’t wait to go back this next summer for the dance intensive. Without this I would not be a completely different person. I opened up and let individuals see my inner self through movement and dance. Eventually I hope to begin holding Movement Fundamentals workshops on campus, because dance in not just a technique style, you are dancing when you are moving in any way whether it is walking to class or cooking a meal it is still a dance. If anyone would be interested in MF or would like to hear more about my experience this summer/see pictures, please email,call/text or Facebook me!

​In Sisterhood,
​Courtney Hoover


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