A Barn Quilt? How Crafty!

Let’s talk about how cute barn quilts are for a moment! They look adorable and have the ability to make anyone’s home feel like as comfortable as your home. Being from Kansas City, when I heard that a Sigma Alpha alumni would be coming to teach us how to make these quilts for Super Sister day I had no idea what they were. After a little research on Pinterest I quickly realized how wonderful and beautiful these decorations could be! (Check out the history of barn quilts here.) http://www.barnquiltinfo.com/history.html
Can you think of anything better that would bring a little bit of old world agriculture into your home? Jessie Wyrill, a beautiful Sigma Alpha Alumni, and her wonderful mother joined us for this year’s Super Sister Day to teach us how to make quilts for own homes, apartments or residence hall rooms! We all woke up early this past Saturday and each sister was given her own 1’x1’ board along with a design to make her quilt. They all turned out beautifully and we had a great time bonding as sisters in the process!

The best part is how simple it is to make these bad boys! Below you will find directions of on how to make your very own barn quilt:
Gather your supplies:
• 1 piece of plywood (any size will do, but I would choose a size that works for your space)
• Exterior paint primer
• Exterior paint colors (be sure to get as many colors as you need)
• Painters tape
• Foam brush
• Ruler and pencil
• Quilt design
• Hair Dryer (optional)
1. Prep your piece of plywood by painting a coat of primer and let dry
2. Using your ruler and pencil trace the design onto your piece of plywood. Most people will start by dividing their board into a grid pattern, and then tracing their design into the grid. For example you could make a design like this

3. Then tape off the sections that will use the lightest of your colors and start painting with your exterior paint and brush! If you would to make the drying process go faster, use a hairdryer to help the paint along.
4. Once you have added enough coats of paint and everything has dried, peel up the painters tape and tape off the next section for your next color.
5. Paint that section, let dry and repeat until your entire board is completed.
6. Once finished hang it in your home and enjoy!

I’m so in love with all of these quilts, and I foresee many of my family members receiving them as Christmas gifts this year! Happy decorating!
In Sisterhood,


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