Organizing Help From A Sigma Alpha

As the semester goes on and we fall into our routines, it can be increasingly difficult to stay organized. Being the type-A, OCD, perfectionist that I am, I have some different strategies to stay organized and on top of assignments throughout the semester. If it’s out there, I’ve probably tried it but I really feel the need to stress that you should definitely use the system that works the best for you. I have some paper methods and some electronic methods. So without further ado…

iStudiez Pro:

I tried this lovely app out last semester and if you are a real fan of electronic planners and organization this is a really strong app for you. You can keep track of class schedules, instructor information, to-do lists, test dates, and you can set notifications and alarms too. You can sync your iCal to this app and you can even calculate your GPA in the app. Downfalls? This app is only available that I know of on Apple Products so sorry android and pc users! Other than that this is a strong app and I would recommend it.


I LOVE THIS APP! It’s a great to-do list app, you can color coordinate it (which appeals to who I am as a person), and you can visually see how many things you have marked off! This is a great supplemental app for organization if you still prefer your paper, hard-copy planner (which I still keep)!

Printables Galore:

Make them, Buy them, and Find them for Free! Printable’s are everywhere on the internet now-a-days and if you have a need for on you can probably find one available for free! I actually bought mine through an Etsy store for maybe five dollars and it comes with 14 or so different pages that can relate to college planning (they are also in color and pretty if you wanna spend the money on that). I love these because I am using them to keep track of what I did in every class so that future Ag Ed Majors sort of know what to expect in the future!


Just a Notebook:
If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, just use a notebook. To-Do List should do the trick. I personally use a little bit of both. I have a grid dividing due dates and assigned dates. On the other page, I have a To-Do List mostly for additional things I need to get done outside of classwork on the other page.


So, I’ve given you a few options that I have personally used. If you feel like any of these will work for you, try them out. What do you have to lose? If you don’t feel like these will work for you, don’t make a change based on me. Do what is right for you and find a system that you are most comfortable with. There is nothing on this planet that could make me ditch my paper planner and some of you may be willing to get rid of the paper and embrace the technology. There is one thing that is for certain though. The key to succeeding at K-State is to stay organized and know what is going on it your classes. Good luck with the semester, stay organized, and Go Cats!

In Sisterhood,

Alicia Hampton


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