Being a Rare Flower

Other than Kansas State University, Agricultural Education, excitement the Holiday Season, going home to see my family and friends, and procrastinating on homework, one more thing makes up the Melissa Poet most people know…. Disney Movies!
Disney movies are my life! Growing up with these movies I always wanted to be a princess. As I grew up I understood it was more than ball gowns and beating the villains, it was the life lessons learned. No matter the story, each one has a moral that can hit everyone at different times in their life. Today, as we go through these trying times and ever-changing days, one movie sticks stands above the rest.
​My all-time favorite Disney movie is Mulan. The kicking, fighting, and saving of China that Mulan did, was the way I wanted to be when I was grown up to leave an impact. I remember trying to be like Mulan when I was growing up on my farm. I would be up at the barn with a pitch fork or a long stick trying to do this jump that Mulan did…but I always would fail.


When I failed the tenth or twentieth time, I was about to give up until I realized I am not the Warrior Mulan. I am Melissa Poet. I am a small town girl in the middle of nowhere who has now found her way to Kansas State University, six hours away from home. In the difficulty of war, Mulan didn’t care if she was a lady in a field of men; she went above and beyond to save her country and stuck out. As one of many women in the agriculture field of men, I wonder how I can leave an impact as big as hers.
This quote came into consideration as I was trying to find myself in the vast amount of students and agriculturalists:
“The flower that blooms in hardship is the most rare and beautiful of all.”
~Mulan’s Father

We are all unique and talented in our own way. As we go through college, in all the struggles and strife, we will peek through the crack, whether that be a class or club, and show how wonderful and talented we are.
As we finish out this semester, with many of us enrolling in new classes and some of us starting a completely new chapter in life, I end you with this from the famous Walt Disney himself:
“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths!”

Good luck on upcoming tests and finals! Study hard! Stay Warm! Safe Travels!
To all, have a safe and blessed holiday season!

In Sisterhood,
Melissa Poet


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