Are Drones the Next Big Agriculture Move?

Wow, I am just blown away by the article “Growing use of drones poised to transform agriculture!” Honestly it sounds like drones will make an amazing impact in the agriculture world, helping with farming, finding cows, and everything else you’d need it for. But my question is, is how lazy will this make someone, or will it make them more efficient at what they are doing? Don’t get me wrong I think its a great thing to look into for crops and making sure your plants are healthy and stopping out breaks of disease. However I was raised without technology at home for the longest time and taught if you want to make something happen you use your own two hands. Yes we had a phone and a computer, but not until I was in sixth grade (computer that is), and as for internet, well that didn’t happen until I was well into ninth grade. I used a typewriter for the longest time. Now as for the farming life I love more then anything in the world I would rather do it with my own two hands and put my sweat into it. I love gathering cows and riding out way early in the morning or late at night as its getting dark looking for the cattle on my Uncle’s ranch here in Wyoming. I love walking the hay field making sure everything is getting enought water and growing correct. Having a drone do it for me wouldn’t be the same. But I do see the potential of having one.

After reading another article where they said; “When farmers look at drones, or unmanned aircraft systems, they increasingly see tools capable of giving them a better handle on the health of their crops and their land. They can help determine the size of plants, weed infestations, insect problems and drainage issues. But most importantly, they can do these things quicker and more efficiently than is possible on foot, said Stu Ellis, an organizer of the show, which drew some 1,400 attendees from 33 states and six countries.” (From; Drones hit roadblock on path to become farming tool, (Links to an external site.)) I see how they are useful but I am still worried about them being a robot/drone technology, being used for military at one time, and all the rules the FAA are making, but I guess even with all that it can still be a good thing. Will it in the long run work out for farmers or will it hinder them? To me, even though I really dislike technology, I hope that it will be a useful tool for the farmers so that we are able to feed our growing population faster. But I know my Uncle wont be touching it any time soon he’s been raised in the cowboy way, so I’ll just keep drones in mind for later down the road.


Drones hit roadblock on path to become farming tool- (Links to an external site.)

Growing use of drones poised to transform agriculture- (Links to an external site.)

In Sisterhood,
Amberlea Hansen


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