The Angus Life

Growing up on a purebred Angus ranch and having two older siblings, I had the opportunity to show Angus cattle at a very young age. Until I was strong enough too actually hold on to a calf, my siblings would tame my animal for me and my grandpa would help me in the show ring.
I loved showing cattle when I was younger, mostly because looking back on it now; I didn’t have to do a lot of the hard work. Sure I would have to work with them every day and wash them but it was all fun to me. It did not matter what color ribbon I received when I stepped out of the ring because I was just excited that I got a ribbon. ​​
As I grew older and my competitiveness increased, I never understood why my animal would not place in the top of the class. Every year I would work with my animal more and more hoping it would pay off, I wanted to win my class so bad every time I stepped into the show ring. Yet, every time I would end up at the bottom of the class.
Finally, the last year I showed in 4-H, I won supreme overall heifer at my county fair. This was a huge accomplishment for me as just three weeks before that I attended the National Junior Angus Show and placed last in both of my classes. Sure, winning overall heifer at a county fair may not seem like that big of a deal, but for me it was, as my hard work had all finally paid off.
Looking back on my showing days now, I am thankful for the memories I made with my family and friends. No, I wasn’t a show jock and my dad didn’t spend several thousands of dollars on an outstanding heifer for me to show. I went out in the pasture and picked out which one I thought looked best and would grow into a good looking animal. I showed my own cattle and even though I didn’t win as much as I wanted, I represented my family’s ranch by doing so. Showing cattle taught me many life lessons, but most importantly, it taught me that win or lose, my family will always be there for me and that money is not needed to buy happiness.


In sisterhood,
Renae Tokach


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