A Place to Call Home

When I came to K-State, I was terrified that I would not find a place to fit in.

 After watching my roommate go through the rush for social sororities, I was determined never to join one. The process looked exhausting and truth be told, it just did not seem like the sort of place I would fit in. I am not and have never been a girlie girl. I have always liked getting my feet a little dirty and have had a passion for working with animals. Being a girl from Johnson County, Kansas I thought there was no one like me. I had never met someone with a farming background and only had large animal experience at a local petting zoo. Nevertheless I had loved every second of my time cleaning pens, feeding animals, and other various tasks I now know that one often finds on a farm.

 At the watermelon feed I was approached by several girls wanting to introduce me to Sigma Alpha, but I was disinterested for fear that it would be just like the sorority that my roommate had joined. After the feed, I attended my very first club meeting at KSU. This small, but boisterous group called themselves the Dairy Science Club. I instantly knew this would be a group I would grow to love. Fortunately for me, during the whole meeting two of the officers were talking about Sigma Alpha and how much they loved being a part of such a wonderful group of girls. I took a week to think it through, but I decided to rush.


By this point, I had already missed the informational meeting, but was still able to attend the first rush event. I remember getting ready for the ’80s themed event. I had absolutely no idea who was a new recruit like myself and who was an activated member, but nevertheless I actually felt like I clicked with almost everyone I met there. I hadn’t even finished recruitment week before I felt like I had found a home on campus. For the first time in my life I had found other women who were truly similar to myself. No one was afraid of hard work or a little dirt on their clothes and everyone seemed like they truly wanted to get to know me. The hardest part of rush week for me was the interview, not because the whole sorority was getting a chance to talk to me in a professional setting, but because I saw it as my chance, my last and final chance to prove that I belonged among the esteemed women of Sigma Alpha, women who I saw as leaders in the world of agriculture- a world which I had been blinded to my whole life up until then.


This is my last semester in Sigma Alpha and leaving this organization will be nothing short of heartbreaking. I have the best roommates a girl could ask for, (both who happen to be in my Sigma Alpha family) as well as countless other friends. My Facebook pictures always seem to be filled with sisters, not because we were required to hangout, but because we love hanging out. Going into college I did not think that was possible to find such a connection with such a seemingly random group of women, but we’re not random, not really. Everyone has a passion for the same thing, we’re all united in our goals for our lives and I believe that is what makes us special. Every woman who I have met in this sorority, whether they know it or not, I believe is going somewhere. As my final wish as a graduating senior, I wish that the girls behind me remember that the fellowship this sorority can give is remarkable and I wish to see our sisterhood carry past undergrad and continue into alumnihood.


In Sisterhood,

Lisa Tenny


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