Pickles The Dog

As many of my sisters know, I adopted a four year old “french bulldog” (more like french bulldog/english bulldog/pug mix) in September. I had promised myself that I wouldn’t adopt a dog until my boyfriend Apollo got home from deployment and we could pick out a dog together. That plan ended up getting tossed right out the window. After I saw Pickle’s picture on Petfinder, I knew I couldn’t wait. After talking to Apollo and the foster and making sure that we could afford a dog, we decided that we would go ahead and adopt her! The only problem was getting Pickles from Texas to Manhattan, Kansas. I tried seeing if I could fly to Texas and bring her back, but they wanted her to fly in cargo which I knew would terrify her and might not be safe. Thankfully, some amazing animal-loving people offered to drive her up to Manhattan for me! I picked her up in the Home Depot parking lot on September 12 and since then, she’s been one of the best things to ever happen to me.


Pickles is a tripod (three-legged) dog and was rescued from a puppy mill about a month before she came to live with me. She was used as a breeding dog for horrible people who didn’t care for the well being of their animals and had to have a C-section during her last pregnancy which left her stomach sagging. She came to me covered with ticks, afraid, and unable to walk for any length of time due to the fact that she had been kept in a cage at the puppy mill for her entire life. Many of her teeth were rotted and she had allergies that caused her to itch until she tore up her skin. All I wanted to do was make it so that she would never have to be afraid again in her life, and that she would be comfortable and spoiled after having to endure the horrors of a puppy mill for the past four years.


Through medications, a ton of baths, specialized food, and many trips to the Vet, Pickles has completely transformed. She has become stronger every day and can go up stairs and even jump on couches now. She is spoiled beyond belief and enjoys trips to the dog park and Petco and absolutely loves her treats. She’s become an important part of my life and has taught me patience, responsibility, and has made me love more than I had ever thought possible. Every day that she walks a little further or learns something new makes me so proud of her and how far she’s come since they day that I got her. Together, we helped each other; I helped her have a comfortable life while she helped me get through Apollo being on deployment. I can honestly say that she makes my life and our family complete and I couldn’t imagine my life without seeing her three legs and little wagging tail every time I come home.


In Sisterhood,

Stephanie Martin


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