A Very Spain Spring Break

Spring break is usually a time in the semester were many students cut loose and have fun and go to a beach or some crazy getaway. However, there are some who take that time to study or maybe learn something new.


I happen to be one who decided to take the opportunity to study abroad for 10 days on a faculty-led tour of Spain. Throughout my time spent abroad we stayed in the beautiful city of Barcelona and also in the historical city of Girona. Along with 13 other students, I was able to embrace this new culture and a lot that it has to offer. 10 days sure was not enough time to fully take in Spain, but enough time for this girl to be there with strange food and odd habits.

While we were there we were able to visit:

-Many Cathedrals


-View Gothic style architecture

-Food tastings


-Wine Tastings

-Two different cooking classes of traditional style meals

-Visit a pork farm

-Visit a pork plant

And of course so much more!


Getting an international experience like this one was very unique and getting to see things that a normal tourist would have a hard time ever getting a chance to do so.

Also while I was on this trip I kept a daily blog that you can check out for day-to-day details of our amazing trip! http://almonson11.wordpress.com

In Sisterhood

Anna Monson


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