Why I don’t care about your opinion on GMO’s, conventional agriculture or organics.

All three of these have their place in society. Different combinations of these three help to provide food for the growing population. Without genetically engineered corn, wheat and soybeans crop yields would be half of what they currently are. Genetically modified seeds and crops are studied extensively before they are used commercially to insure the health of millions. Certain crops, such as soybeans, have been modified to withstand the effects of herbicides such as glyphosate. This aids farmers in removing weeds from a field, which would otherwise reduce the yield of soybeans.

Conventional and organic farming rely on each other. Conventional farming uses some of the practices that have been developed by organic farmers. Similarly, organic does the same. Conventional farming uses herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and other chemical, biological, and management practices to reduce the number of yield effecting factors. The main goal of conventional farming is to improve yield while reducing input. All pesticides and other forms of management cost large amounts of money when put to use on 50+ acre fields.

Organic means an un genetically modified seed without the aid of synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers. There is a place for this type of agriculture. Organic is useful for people who want to eat as natural as they can. Organic crops are harder to grow and more time and labor intensive than conventional crops. This causes organic to cost more for the consumer, this in turn helps drive the economy.

Personally, I see the need and desire for all types of agriculture. One of the reasons that I don’t care about your opinion, is because it won’t change my opinion. I believe in conventional agriculture with the use of genetically modified organisms. I also know there is an economical need for organic. So if you like to eat organically grown crops, do it, but don’t blame, hate, or lie about other types of agriculture.

In Sisterhood,

Mackenzie Mortimer


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