Sorghum: The New Super Grain?

Growing up in Michigan I had never heard of sorghum until I arrived at Kansas State University and took my first agronomy class. I was so fascinated by this crop I decided I would do more research to learn more about it. After reading many articles I learned a lot of background information on the fabulous crop. Sorghum isn’t nearly as famous as the big three of global agriculture: corn, rice and wheat. But maybe it should be. It’s a plant for tough times, and tough places. Sorghum is a cereal grain that grows tall like corn. Sorghum is used for many things. First and foremost, in the United States, sorghum is used for livestock feed and in ethanol plants. It’s a popular crop to grow within the drier regions of the States because it is drought resistant it can grow in soils that other plants won’t tolerate; it doesn’t need much water. Compared with corn, for instance, it needs one-third less water, and it doesn’t give up and wilt when rains don’t come on time. It waits for moisture to arrive. This quality also makes it a popular crop in Africa, sorghum is thought to have been introduced to America from the slave ships of colonial times. Only time will tell if sorghum will become one of the next super grains, but it sure looks promising.

In Sisterhood,

Tara Wilson


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