Our Best Friend

My family has had miniature schnauzers for a long time. My mom had one when she was a kid and then my parents got one when they got married as well. When I was five years old we got another miniature schnauzer after our dog Jessy died. Miniature schnauzers are great dogs in my opinion. They come in the miniature and great size. They generally have cropped ears and a docked tail with their dewclaws removed. They are very special because they have beards and the way they are groomed is very unique. They are not an extremely popular breed so they are hard to find and generally you need to get them from a breeder. Miniature schnauzers are strong and sturdily built dogs with a strong, rectangular shaped head. They come in black, white, salt and pepper, and black and silver colors. These dogs are very intelligent and protective and are very good dogs as long as they are socialized well. They are also very strong minded because of their intelligence so owners need to be firm with them. My dogs name was Mandy. She lived for almost 14 years and she rarely showed her age because she was very excited, happy, and loving all throughout her life. She was very loyal and she was also very protective. I remember when she was about 6 or 7 she used to take herself on walks around our neighborhood is she thought that she was not going to get a walk that day. My family could not say the word “walk” much less spell it because she knew how to spell. She was such a great dog and throughout having her as a dog I fell in love with this dog breed. The personality, strength, and intelligence of this dog is amazing and I love having miniature schnauzers because they are such great dogs. They do have health problems though, my dog developed bladder stones twice where she had to undergo surgery to remove but she was extremely resilient. When she was about 10 years old we found a cancer tumor in her nose that had begun eating away at the bones in her nose. She lasted almost four more years until we decided to put her down. I will never forget Mandy and the impact that she has had in my life. I have fallen in love with miniature schnauzers and dogs in general because they are truly “man’s best friend.”

In Sisterhood,

Kristin Helmer


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