Adventures of Growing Up with Three Older Brothers

I have three older brothers ranging from 1 year, 2 years, and 7 years apart from me. Growing up I wasn’t the ordinary little girl that played with baby dolls and Barbies. Instead, I was playing in the dirt and doing “boy things”. At a young age, my brothers were my biggest pests and now, as we are becoming adults, they are my biggest protectors.

One of my favorite memories growing up with my brothers was we always had neighborhood boys at our house ready to play football in our yard with my brothers. Being the sister that always wants to hang out with the boys, I decided to be my brothers’ coach. Before going outside to play football I would stand up on the bed with a clip board and give my brothers a very serious pep talk before their “big game.” After the meeting with the coach, we would go outside and I would become the cheerleader/coach, cheering them on but also getting angry when they weren’t doing well.

Another favorite memory was playing with blocks and hot wheels with my brothers. We would make little villages with the blocks, creating houses, gas stations, food places, automotive repair shops, and car washes. My brothers and I would spend most of our time trying to build a perfect house for our cars. Usually my brothers won the coolest house award because they were more creative and wiser on how to make such cool houses. I was jealous and usually tried to copy their houses because I wanted a cool house too. Once our village was built and with our favorite hot wheel car we would play like we were living in a town, experiencing different things that would require us to go to the repair shop or car wash. Also, we would go through a drive-thru window to get our meals for the day. This was another of my favorite childhood games to play with my brothers, and I would have to beg them to play most of the time, because it was so similar to playing “house.”

However, growing up with brothers wasn’t always fun and games. I was tormented by my brothers a lot. One of their favorite things to pick on me about was “The Arch.” In my brothers’ eyes, because I have an over bite my lips every now and then will form an “arch” and I wouldn’t even notice. Every time they saw this happen with my lips they would say things like “look there is the arch!” Being embarrassed, I soon would get very angry and usually yell at them or start crying. But that’s how it was growing up with brothers, they knew exactly what would set me off and did it on purpose just to see my reactions.

My love for animals started when I was very young. I got a kitten when I was 4 years old and I was absolutely in love. I would wrap my little kitten in a blanket like a baby and make little beds and houses out of cardboard boxes. This was my version of playing house. When my cat got older she had two litters of kittens in two years. I had kittens coming out of my ears for a while, I was in heaven. However, my brothers being the pests that they were would take my kittens from me and demonstrate the “landing on all four paws” feature that cats have. Oh man, this got my blood boiling! I was screaming while bawling trying to get them to stop and get my kitties back. My mom soon would come in and make my brothers stop. I then proceeded to pick up all my kitties and take them to a safe zone and give them all the loving I could give.

I could go on and on about my childhood stories with my brothers, but now that we are older things have definitely changed. When I got to the dating age, I definitely saw my brothers’ protective trait kick in. None of them ever truly liked the idea of me dating and still to this day, being their little sister, they aren’t very fond of this subject. Especially my oldest brother, he has reached out to each my boyfriends to give the whole “if you hurt her, I’ll hurt you” talk. He probably thinks I don’t know that he did this, so after he reads this blog he will probably be surprised. (LOL! I know everything Cody) Even though I don’t always agree with it, I love the fact that I have my brothers as protectors.

Seeing my brothers turn into mature men the past few years, has been so inspiring. They are all becoming very mature successful men, encouraging me to keep going after my dreams in life. Don’t get me wrong though, while they have matured a lot, things like “the arch” still exist in my life. I am so used to them picking on me, that now I just go with it and pick on them right back. All of which is probably so frustrating for them because they can’t get my blood boiling like they used to. Instead, we have this weird bond from picking on each other, which I’m not even going to try to explain, but if you ever see use get in each others’ bubble and start jumping and making weird noises, don’t worry it is completely normal.

I could go on and on about my brothers, because this is only a small portion of our adventures together. My brothers deserve credit for making me the person I am today. One thing I give them credit for is showing me what true love is. I’m going to try not to get to mushy but they have always been right there for me through thick and thin. They are my biggest supporters and encouragers. Also, I have to give my brothers credit for making me the strong woman I am today. Even though I hated being picked on, in the end putting up with all their pestering paid off. Because of them I get to go through life with a strong head on my shoulder and the motivation to never give up.

So, growing up with three older brothers isn’t so bad. This past year has definitely been a hard transition, being three hours away from them but I know they are always there for me. As I grow more into an adult each day their support keeps me chasing after my dream of becoming a Veterinarian. The strength that I have developed being their sister, has shown me that I can make it in an industry that requires a lot of manual labor, exposure to mortality, and intense knowledge. My brothers have helped make me the person I am. I can’t wait to see what the future holds as we all continue our successes and start our own families.

In Sisterhood,

Lindsey Proffit


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