Why Gelbvieh?

As a beef enthusiast, I am frequently asked what breed of cattle my family raises, and when I answer Gelbvieh, I usually get a larger list of questions that vary from “Gelbviehs, huh?” followed by a disapproving look, or “What is a Gelbvieh?” but I really prefer to hear “My family runs Gelbvieh-cross cattle and we love them!!” It is always exciting to meet people that have the same enthusiasm for my breed as I do, but unfortunately it isn’t near as common as I would like, so I would just like to share a few reasons about why I love my Gelbvieh cattle so much.

The American Gelbvieh Junior Association is an organization that offers the next generation of beef producers opportunities that improve leadership skills, increase industry knowledge, and promote confidence amongst its members. I have been honored to represent our great breed not only as a member, but also as a Junior Ambassador, Intermediate Ambassador, and a Director. Being this involved in the breed has presented me with countless educational opportunities, and I have learned far more through my involvement in the AGJA than I ever could gain simply through a classroom setting.

When I first started showing, my family had a primarily crossbred operation that we used Gelbvieh and Angus bulls on. Then, when my brother and I were old enough to show at the Illinois State Fair, we knew that we had to pick a breed. For me, the choice was simple; Gelbvieh was the way to go. These cattle were maternal, docile, and fit the image I had in my mind of the perfect cow. On top of the high quality cattle, I was attracted to the Gelbvieh breed because of the great people involved in this association. When you have questions about registering a calf, or filing for an AI permit, the office staff is always available to help you, and I am always treated like a name, not a number. This sense of family is really why I picked to focus all my attention and passion towards to the Gelbvieh breed.

So if you are looking to start your own herd, or just want a couple cows to add to yours, pick a Gelbvieh and join the family! I promise you will not be disappointed.

In Sisterhood,

Sydney Bigger


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