We’re All Nerds

I believe everyone is a nerd. A nerd is someone who is passionate about anything. For me, I’m a soil nerd. Soil judging is something I have committed myself to for the next four years. What in the world is soil judging? The best! My team and I meet every Friday afternoon to analyze soil pits for their color, texture, and distinguish layers of different soils within the pit face. However, there are an incredible amount of different soil types in the world. To see and judge as many types as possible, the K-State Soil Judging Team competes at a regional, and then hopefully national contest. This week, the team and I traveled to Monticello, AR for the national contest and I definitely have a week of long hours and muddy boots ahead of me. The soils are completely different from the ones in Manhattan so it will take a couple days of practice before the competition to get into the swing of things.

Soil is something that has really captivated me and judging requires less prior agricultural background than I expected going into my first practice this past fall. I, of course, am a beginner but I am starting to notice patterns of different soil types and develop soil intuition. I know that the more soil classes I take, the better I will become at recognizing all different soil types in the different states the team will travel to. My dream is to place in the top ten at Nationals one year. Until then, I’ll just try my hardest to be the best soil nerd I can be. Nationals will be held in Manhattan next year and I cannot wait to see the competition take place in Kansas soils!

Most importantly, I hope you all have found what brings out the nerd in you.

In Sisterhood,

Tessa Zee


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