I’m A Statistic

In high school I had my life mapped out. I had a goal and I knew which steps I was going to take to get there. In my heart I knew I was going to be a radio broadcaster for a station in Iowa and I was going to have my own show. The “Celine in the Morning” show. I would report on small town news, latest markets, local celebrities and the latest high school football conference standings.

I continuously told myself that I was coming to K-State to major in Journalism. This would be the first step to my end goal. When I visited campus I tailored my dream so I would be able to major in Agricultural Communications and Journalism. I knew this was a smarter decision for me because I would be more qualified if I could talk about agriculture.

During my freshman year, I joined clubs and took classes that would only help me achieve my end goal of becoming a broadcaster. I was passionate about my dreams and everyone that I met was helping me reach my goals.

77 credit hours and multiple hours invested in organizations later, I found a new passion through one specific organization on campus. The National Agri-Marketing Association has helped me gain insight on the business industry and marketing communications. After competing on the NAMA team, I knew I was going to have to change my future.

I never dreamed of becoming a double major but a couple weeks ago I finally filled out the paperwork and made it official. I am now part of the 60% of students around the U.S. that change majors at least once. I’m proud to be a part of this statistic.

I can understand how it can be scary to change majors or even change your life plan halfway through your coursework, but it’s definitely better to make sure you are happy what you are doing. When you are happy and passionate about your goals and what you are doing to achieve them, you will succeed. Don’t be like me and be afraid of the statistic, embrace the change because you never know how happy it will make you someday.

In Sisterhood

Celine Beggs


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