Got Camping?

Everyone remembers going on those camping trips in the summer with your family back in the good ‘ole days. Thinking back on it while looking on Pinterest, the term ‘camping’ has changed drastically.

While scrolling through my newsfeed on Pinterest, there have been several new ways to camp. Some good, some not so good. I am all for ‘roughing it’, sleeping in a tent on rough ground, eating beanie-weanies heated up over the fire and going to the bathroom behind a bush or tree. But now people have gone above and beyond on the camping way of life recently.

My point proven exactly, there is nothing ‘Glamorous’ about camping, you are supposed to be in the great outdoors enjoying nature, not bringing your bedroom set along. With new technology and people wanting the best of both worlds, luxury and the great outdoors, this is what they have come up with.

I do like some of the food ideas to make cooking food easier while camping because you can only eat so many beanie-weanies and hotdogs.

In my opinion, this is my idea of a good time, call me old fashion, but is newer always better?

In Sisterhood,

Hannah Boehm


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