What I gained from selecting the “Random Dorm Roommate” option.

       A lot of people are scared for their first year of college. I know I was. Not only that, but I was terrified to meet my roommate. By the time I had applied for my dorm room, a lot of people I know who were also going to be freshman at K-State this year had already figured out who their roommates were going to be. This meant one thing for me. Random pooling.
        After not putting anyone’s name down for my preference of roommate and filling out the rest of the online form, I wasn’t sure how my first year of college and dorm life was going to turn out.
        After months of waiting, I finally received the email that gave me my room and roommate assignment. My roommate, Megan, texted me first… we chatted about random things for quite a while; from coordinating our room colors, to what temperature we prefer our bedroom to be. When we settled at a pleasing 70 degrees, I knew that everything would be okay.
        It took us many months this year to become super comfortable with each other, but we started off on the right foot. We are both pre-vet majors, so we often would talk about our future dreams and about the experiences we have had. We are also quite alike in our body structures, weirdly enough. I am a whole ONE inch taller than her…somehow I ended up with all the higher up cabinet shelves for that reason, but we got a stepstool so it turned out alright. She has also got to try out some of my crop tops since we can wear basically the same clothes. This is a big step because she used to look at me like I was crazy when I’d wear a crop top…she’s come so far!
        Spring break was when we really found out how much we meant to each other, not just as roommates, but as friends. I actually recall I was super cranky and upset one night. Megan was texting me and she simply said that I’d feel better if I just went to bed. To me, this meant that she didn’t want to talk. I respond with, “YOU HATE ME?” A few seconds later I get a call. “I DON’T HATE YOU.” We proceeded to talk about random crap at literally 2 in the morning. I don’t know what I would have done if she really did hate me.
        Once we reunited, it was clear to both of us that we basically need each other to survive. She makes me remind her to put lotion on her legs, or to go to bed at a decent time (there’s literally a checklist above my desk). She’s someone I can tell all my secrets to, and on days one of us is feeling down in the dumps, we know the one thing that will cheer the other up. Netflix. Just kidding, we do enjoy Netflix, but even more so than that, we like to watch adorable animal videos. #prevetmajors One night I was so upset that when we started watching a video of this slow loris (look it up, slow loris’ are adorable but can also kill you), I started crying because all of the emotions were flooding. She proceeded to take pictures of my tears and make fun of me. I was simply crying because the slow loris was adorable.
        My point in all of this is simple: don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid to carry out your dreams.
Don’t be afraid to go to college no matter how intimidating it might seem. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to new people; the good ones will stick around. Don’t be afraid to try new things. But most of all, don’t be afraid to select that “Random Pooling,” box if you decide to live in a dorm again or an apartment with the same option. My random roommate has made a major impact on me and my first year here at K-State, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
In Sisterhood,
Natalie Timmons

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