Making That Bacon

For the past two summers I had the great pleasure to be a Food Safety Intern with Smithfield. Smithfield is a pork processing company that is now the number one pork producing company in the world. I loved being able to have such a great experience with such an amazing company that is constantly striving to provide the best quality.

Through the last 2 years watching in the food safety department, I was able to see firsthand how the meat industry is overcoming the ongoing struggle for consumer needs to feel safer while eating meat. The projects I was assigned were completely new ideas for the pork industry in order to provide proof and results that the company was keeping things as safe as possible for consumers. Getting to be behind some of the biggest changes for Food Safety within the company is something most college students don’t get a chance to do.

I worked in a pork slaughter plant for 2 summers and it was the greatest experience of my life not only because I was able to do amazing research projects but I also was able to see what it’s like to work in a real plant doing exactly what I love to do!


In Sisterhood,

Anna Monson


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