Boxing: Fighting Through a Semester

This semester has been a wild and crazy ride. It could be because I am a fifth year college senior taking a victory lap or it could be just the amount of “life” that has been thrown my way. There are many things that have kept me “sane” throughout this semester: reading, walks in the park, a good cup of coffee, or good friends. But ultimately has kept me driven was just one boxing class.   

As someone who has never looked like much of a fighter, I was nervous to take this class but I wanted a way to defend myself as well as feel empowered about my strength I knew I had. I signed up for the class and honestly expected myself to quit within a week or get my butt kicked, something of that nature. When I first walked in, I immediately got the sense that I was welcome in the gym and that my abilities or lack of did not change the way anyone in the gym saw me. I saw people of all ages, shapes, and sizes walk in the door with one thing on their mind: to learn to box.

 A few weeks in, I found myself getting into a rhythm. I had learned a lot of basics but I started to get frustrated with myself for not being able to finish exercises or getting tired easily. I think this is the point when I decided I would not give up on boxing and it was by far the most rewarding choice I’ve made. Every day I told myself I would get up and exercise. Every day I made an active choice to finish the things that I had started. And every boxing class, I made it my goal to finish the exercises even if it wasn’t as fast or as quick as everyone else.

I don’t think you really know how much internal strength you have until you challenge yourself physically like these boxing workouts did for me. Outside of boxing, I noticed that I was handling problems and stress better and had a far more level head on my shoulders than I had ever in my entire life. I think that when I signed up to box, I expected to fail but here I am almost 4 months later, working out through the sweat, the feeling like vomiting, the pain, the stress, the crazy ride of my semester and feeling fully supported the entire way by the boxing staff at the gym.

 If you need something to do, I suggest signing up for a boxing class at KO boxing as soon as you can. This class changed my life and my perspective. The staff are supportive, caring and want to help you succeed in any way possible. Besides a darn good workout, you will transform your mental state completely and have an outlet to grow as an individual.  

In sisterhood, 

Emily Knobbe


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