5 Reasons Why You Should Room With Your Sigma Alpha Sisters

This fall I made one of the best decisions that I have made so far while at college. When finding a place to live for the year I decided to live with three of my Sigma Alpha sisters. Here are five of the reasons that I recommend living with your sisters.

  1. You Never Forget A Sigma Alpha Event

Throughout the busy semester it isn’t uncommon to become overwhelmed and have trouble keeping track of events. This semester living with my Sigma Alpha sisters has helped me stay on top of events. Because I lived with my sisters I have participated in more Sigma Alpha events this semester than I did all last year combined. Living with your sisters pushes you  participate in more than what you are required to do because you enjoy getting to spend the time with your sisters that much more.

  1. Need something to wear? Try one of your four closets

We all know it can be challenging keeping up with the dress code when there are different requirements for clothing depending on the occasion. If you are like me you don’t always have the outfits that best meet the dress code or you only have one or two outfits and it is time to switch it up. Getting ready for chapter  when you live in a house full of Sigma Alpha girls means running around from closet to closet until you have an outfit that works best. It isn’t unusual for one of us in my house to show up wearing one person’s shoes, another person’s jacket, and one of their own dresses.

  1. You become more than just sisters

I will admit that last year as a new active I wasn’t at all close with my sisters. This semester I have become extremely close with Natalie, Melissa, and Bailey while living with them. I don’t have to say much in order for them to know when I have had a bad day or a good day. If I need a word of encouragement or someone just to listen they are always there. Yes, we sometimes get annoyed with each other, but we always make up and remember how much we mean to each other at the end of the day.

  1. You always have someone who understands

Hard classes, a full schedule, and a never ending list of responsibilities has been my semester. When you have so much going on sometimes it is easy to become overwhelmed. This year I am serving as the recruitment chair and during recruitment week I was very stressed. Natalie and Melissa really stepped up and helped me with my responsibilities around the house, organizing events, and getting to places on time. They never complained and I never had to ask twice.

  1. There is always a house for other sisters to come to

It isn’t unusual for me to come home to a house full of a few extra Sigma Alpha sisters. Whether it is someone’s little, big, or other active our house has become a safe haven from the rest of the world. If someone has a bad day or needs a sister to talk to often times they come to our house. I love being able to provide sisters a place to go and get away when they need to. It helps us become closer as sisters and it is after all what sisterhood is about.


In Sisterhood,

Darby-Rose Patterson


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