Holiday Conversations

The holiday season is upon us, this means that me and many of you will be having the Oh so familiar discussions with the family members that we only talk to once or twice a year.   It is a hard conversation to have because you have to have the same one with every single one of your relatives. All of these people know what I am doing with my life or what I want to be doing but do not know how to talk to me because I am so much younger than them.  As it is my fourth year of college I have found a tactic that I believe is fun, others not so much. See I am a dual major, animal science and political science. So when these people come and ask me what I want to do with my life,  like they do every  year I answer each of them in a similar but different way. I actually pay attention to their comments and listen to what they are trying to say. Jerry is one of my uncles that ask the same question every time.  “Have you found your future job?” I always want to say “No, I haven’t even graduated yet back of dude.” But I don’t I smile, laugh and use what I have learned.  “Hasn’t my mother told you? I am going to be a waitress for a couple years while I try to figure out my life. I don’t want an 8 to 5 holding me down I want to be available to do anything I want.”  Jerry is very strong in his opinions; I like to watch him get flustered. He has to stumble on his word and think for a minute then he usually mumbles something about what ever makes you happy; you will be poor but maybe happy.  After all of this pre dinner conversation I like sit by one of my knowing aunt and then when we are at the dinner table as soon as there is a lull in the talking she asks me loudly what I am going to do. We smile at each other knowingly and everyone else starts to say things like, did you hear what she wants to do, why would she and so on. But then I pipe up and say well I only have a year of school left and then am going to law school if I pass the LSATs or you know culinary school if nothing pans out. Everyone is speechless, for all of about 3 seconds then they start asking about relationships and would I do this if I was serious about a person, and how am is supposed to start a family. Even though it is annoying and drives me crazy I have to laugh because they don’t know what is going on, they don’t pay attention, but we all love each other!

Best of luck with the tough questions this season!

In Sisterhood,

Savannah Smith


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