How to Binge-Watch a TV Series

Netflix as well as other Internet media streaming websites, have become some of the most popular ways to watch movies and tv shows. Once you start watching there is no way to stop, it is addicting.  Netflix will automatically play the next episode for you. In the past few years, binge watching is a new term that is often heard. Urban Dictionary says that binge-watching means to watch multiple episodes of a tv series continuously in one sitting.

Some Saturday with nothing to do – or any day for that matter – is the perfect day to binge-watch your favorite tv series. The first thing that you have to do to begin your day of binge-watching, is make sure that there are no other priorities that need to be done. If so, get those done first. The worst thing that could happen is you start a show and realize there are other commitments that need to be done. That will just not do. As soon as the series starts, there is no leaving.

No one wants to have to get up in the middle of an episode to grab a glass of water or a snack. This is why it is always good to stock up and snatch a couple snacks. Maybe some cookies or chips. After eating the snacks, you will most likely need something to quench the thirst in your throat. Water, milk, pop, anything will work. Always have something ready before sitting down to watch the tv series so no having to pause the show is required.

Where to binge-watch this television show is the next step. Some place to relax and enjoy the tv show is the best. It could be sitting at a table or the bed. Sitting at the table can cause some problems. Sliding down into your chair as your legs become numb and start to tingle is the major complication. Laying in bed could also be a good choice. The setback of the bed is that after a couple hours, your eyes will become sleepy and drowsiness will begin to set in, making you tempted to sleep. The couch is possibly the best choice and winner of most binge-watchers. Grab a couple blankets and pillows, find the perfect spot on that couch and make yourself comfortable.

The final step is to decide what tv series to watch. This can be a hard choice. There are so many different and good series on Netflix. Something with a little romance or maybe a drama series. It all depends on what you like, but make sure it is show that is interesting and you will be able continue to watch, could be a couple seasons or the entire series.

Binge-watching is a new term that has became more popular in the last few years. With new online streaming of your favorite movies and tv series it is very easy to accomplish. All you need is a comfortable spot to watch the series – some pillows and blankets is a must – a couple of snacks and something to drink. Now you are all set to start binge-watching that favorite series of yours.

In Sisterhood,

Carley Conley


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