As The Leaves Fall

As the seasons change we all notice lots of differences around us. The nights start to get colder and the days seem to lasts shorts. The leaves start to fall, filling our once summer green grasses with orange autumn leaves. But even though the seasons change and we grow older, our love for family never changes.  As the end of November grows near I thought it would be fitting to talk about thankfulness of a family within sigma alpha while you are away from your family. Sigma alpha offers us a family away from home. When we are overwhelmed with work, school, and life as it is we all know that our sisters will be there for us. I always seem to get an escalated amount of disappointment when I leave home, know that it will be another three or so months before I see them again. Keep in mind that we are not leaving our family after thanksgiving; we are all traveling back home to another family awaiting our arrivals. I’m thankful for the falling leaves, the cold shortened days and the overabundance of family love we all have as sisters of Sigma Alpha.

In Sisterhood,

Shandra Johnson


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