3 Reasons I Love Sigma Alpha

In the spirit of both November and Thanksgiving, I think it’s appropriate to reflect on the top three reasons I am grateful (and love) Sigma Alpha. 

1. Sisterhood

Before I came to college I did not know much about sororities. I thought of them as a fun social group and a way to make friends. Sigma Alpha has been both of those things but also so much more. It is rare that I walk to my classes without seeing two or three of my sisters. I share a special bond with each and everyone and I love all of my sisters dearly. Sigma Alpha has given me a sense of belonging and purpose at K-State and I accredit this to my lovely sisters.

2. Academic Support

I never anticipated how grateful I would be for the academic support I have received from Sigma Alpha. Ever since I joined, I always seem to have a few sisters in my classes on campus. This has not only enabled me to have more success with learning and grades, but also made it possible to connect with more of my sisters on a much more personal level. This semester while taking the most dreaded class in the Animal Science department (you guessed it… Anatomy & Physiology) my two sisters Amberlea and Savannah have been by my time the entire time to help push ourselves, provide encouragement, and be a shoulder to cry on when that quiz/test grade wasn’t what I had hoped for.

3. Professional Development

Another thing I never realized before becoming a member of Sigma Alpha is how much I had a fear of speaking in front of my peers. This year when I was elected the Fundraising Chair I realized I quickly had to conquer that fear. As we’ve all been told time and time again, public speaking and verbal communication is vital in the workforce. When I reflect on my time while in Sigma Alpha, I see my fear of public speaking slowly diminishing and I can definitely accredit it to this amazing sorority.

Sigma Alpha has been an amazing place for me to conquer a lot of my weaknesses and foster my creativity and love for Agriculture. Thank you to each and every one of my sisters and the advisors. Without you I never would have experienced so much in this crazy thing called college. 

In Sisterhood,

Emilee Smith


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