Exploring the College of Agriculture

This semester I decided to enroll in CAT Class. CAT stands for College of Agriculture Training program. This class meets once a week from October to the beginning of December. Over the time of the course all of the departments in the College of Ag are covered. We get the opportunity to learn about A​gronomy, Animal Science, Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Ag Education, Ag Communications, Entomology, Food Science, Grain Science, Horticulture, Forestry and Recreation Services, Plant Pathology, Ag Business, and Ag Economics.

After completion of this training program students have the opportunity to apply to become an Ag Ambassador for Kansas State University. If chosen, Ag Ambassadors represent the College of Ag during student visits, career fairs, and open house activities.

When I began this class I only really knew about my own major ­ Animal Science. By participating in this program I have not only met new friends in the College of Ag, but also learned about the other options in the College of Agriculture that Kansas State University has to offer. The CAT training program has shown me how broad the world of agriculture really is. I’m glad Kansas State gives students this opportunity to explore all of the ag departments, and I highly recommend it to any student pursuing a degree in the College of Agriculture.

In Sisterhood,

Karley Stockton


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