Professionalism, Agriculture and Sisterhood. Oh, my!

When someone comes to college, they try to pick out a few organizations to get involved in. The typical picks are a club relating to their major, a broad university organization or something within the social greek system.  On most of those occasions, professional greek organizations are overlooked just because the letters aren’t as well known or they don’t host recruitment with the other sororities.  I am so incredibly thankful that I joined a professional sorority rather than a social sorority.  Don’t get me wrong, I would have enjoyed the social sorority, but I’m just glad I selected the professional one.  Especially since I picked one based on agriculture!  I joined Sigma Alpha, the professional agriculture sorority, and I absolutely love it!

 Here are some of my favorite things about being in Sigma Alpha!

1. Networking

By attending events like the Sigma Alpha and Alpha Gamma Rho Leadership Seminar, I have been able to create a large, professional network.  No matter where I go, I am able to recognize someone that I have met at that conference.  Whether it is through an internship or organizations like Agriculture Future of America and the National Agri-Marketing Association, I always find someone who is a Sigma Alpha sister.  These women always share the same passion for the agriculture industry.  At every conference it’s great to connect with new women and reconnect with those who you met at an earlier seminar! 

2. Sisterhood

One of the best parts about Sigma Alpha is the sisterhood within our own chapter.  I know other chapters across the nation could attest to this as well.  I get to know these wonderful women that come from many different areas of agriculture as well as those who have little agricultural experience.  There are so many different perspectives within our chapter, but we all share one common interest.  Agriculture.  No matter how many different opinions we have we all know agriculture in extremely important because everyone in the world eats.  It’s great to know we all have something in common and we believe the same things! 

3. Leadership Experience

There are many opportunities to get involved within the chapter.  You can run for an executive office or you can chair specific events.  All of the positions look great on resumes and they can help you obtain your dream job.  If you want to go into law, you can learn about bylaws and organizational structure.  If your dream is to go into marketing communications, you can help a committee chair plan events or manage the social media accounts.  If you want to be a teacher, you can practice your skills by teaching the new members.  No matter what you want to be, you can gain experience through Sigma Alpha. 

4. Boots, Cows and Tractors

Is there really any other sorority out there that accepts boots as an appropriate form of footwear for a Business Meeting? How many sororities host fundraisers like Cow Pie Bingo or purchases t-shirts with tractors on them?  Not many, if any at all!  Ag is literally engrained in everything we do and it’s such an amazing feeling to support the industry!

No matter if you join Sigma Alpha or not, it’s always important to find that one thing you are extremely passionate about.  Once you find it, get involved and hold a leadership position.


In Sisterhood, 

Celine Beggs


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