Three things that show you are clearly an Ag Major….READ: At K-State

In Sigma Alpha, a large majority of us are agricultural majors here at K-State, but for some of us being an Ag major is something much larger than how your advisor is paired up with you, or that those are the words scrolled across the top of your DARS report. While studying at K-State, I have found a few things that a lot of Ag majors could easily relate to.

  1. Manhattan is SO big.

That’s right. Manhattan. Population 56,143. A lot of people probably think that’s pretty small in comparison to their hometown life. Where I’m from, the closest McDonalds is twenty minutes away and we’re lucky to have a Dollar General down the road from me, let alone both a Wal-Mart and a Target. Have I mentioned the closest Target to my home town is in Joplin, forty-five minutes away? It’s a tragedy, I know, but it’s how I grew up and to be honest, I’m SO thankful for a Taco Bell on BOTH ends of town here in Manhattan, Kansas.

  1. Where are all of the trucks?

Before coming to school at K-State, I was almost positive that the amount of trucks driven here would outweigh the amount of cars. Boy, was I proven wrong. I mean sure, there are a lot of trucks, but not in comparison to what I’m used to. When I was in high school, it was known that loudest and largest truck was owned by only the coolest person in high school, obviously. Here, it seems that people actually think very utilitarian-like and have a vehicle that’s pretty economical, has great gas mileage and showing off how high you have to jump to get into your vehicle is non-important, rather it’s pretty silly.

  1. You didn’t grow up on a farm either?!

Okay, as I’ve already admitted, I’m from a pretty small town. When most people hear I’m from the southern part of Kansas, it’s assumed I helped my dad with harvest every year since I could put on my own pair of boots. Wrong. Yes, I knew many farm families and some of my daily pastimes in the summer include milking cows just because “It’s something to do,” but I didn’t live on a farm and that is a very common trend here at K-State. There are many people who did in fact grow up on a farm, but the mixture of non-farm versus farm students in agricultural majors at K-State makes me happy to be where I am.

At the end of the day, I know where I am supposed to be and that is for many reasons. Sure, Manhattan is too large for me and I get lost pretty easy-and it’s weird, yet comforting to see that not everyone is so obsessed with their giant truck like everyone is back home. Furthermore, I’m happy to know that students here are just as accepting of people who are not like themselves as to people who grew up on a farm just like they did. The amount of inclusion I feel here is unimaginable and I’m very thankful for the people here who share the same love I do for agriculture.


Natalie Timmons

Sigma Alpha Rho Class


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