How I Fit Into An Agricultural Sorority as a Non-Ag Major (w/ Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Gifs)

Independent. Throughout my college career that’s the only word I’ve found that could describe myself. I never really fit into any label, but I sure tried. As a freshman at Kansas State I found myself trying to act a certain way to fit in with any group of friends.


I never felt really part of the group. I continued to try different groups for a year until I was exhausted. I was sure there was a group out there that I would fit into but I had no idea where to look. I tried to console friends from high school, but they’ve all gone their own direction. Which confirmed that I really had no one to turn to.


My sophomore year, I found Sigma Alpha. A little late to the party but I’m so glad it came.


Sigma Alpha is more than an agricultural sorority. From day one, I felt accepted. That is something that I spent the entire past year looking for. It’s more than just wearing boots and filling the part. I didn’t see what the exact reason I fit in until later. It turns out that everyone here is passionate about what they believe in; more than just agriculture, but their specific dedication. Whether it be education, pre-vet, feed science, agronomy, and even me, pre-law; we all have that one element that gets us inspired. These girl’s passion inspires me to go for what I want, what I believe in.


I’m not 100% where I want my career to end up; as many others in Sigma Alpha do. However, I feel privileged to be surrounded by girls who will always want me to be successful, and most importantly, happy. I do not feel pressured to act, dress, talk, or feel any way; I can just be me.


So here’s a thank you to everyone in Sigma Alpha, for pushing me to be better. Thank you for encouraging me to study for that test, step up my resume, and know how to act in the professional world. (I now know panty hose are a must.) But also for handing me a group of supportive friends. Friends that are more than friends, but sisters.


In Sisterhood,

Ashley Ellenz


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