Live, Laugh, Love learned from Costa Rica, a Dog and God

Through all the stress in college, it nice to be able to remember the smaller things that make the days bearable and so much sweeter.  In high school, I went through each day remembering the motto: Live, Laugh, Love which was short for Live every moment, Laugh every day and Love beyond words.

To be honest, in college it was hard to live by this motto until I found a purpose this past year.  Three things changed my perspective and helped me to understand my meaning in life: Costa Rica, a dog and God.  These three may seem to have nothing in common, but they are three parts that have changed so much in my life and they all work together to make my motto true.

Live every moment in Costa Rica. This past Spring Break, I had the opportunity to go on a facility lead study abroad trip to Costa Rica. Although the trip was 10 days, I was able to live everyday and take in many opportunities that I may not have got by staying state side.  I was able to visit a few dairies, different cropping systems and two agricultural colleges.  I learned to live every moment in Costa Rica and have an open mind. The people of Costa Rica live every moment and work every day to survive.  The people get by with a minimum wage being two dollars a day and rice and beans being a staple to their diet.  They also do not have a lot of land so they have to be diverse in all they do in order to make a living. In The United States, we take a lot for granted including going to the fast food restaurant to get food or complaining for getting a wage of eight dollars an hour. One family I took most of my passion from was Los Helechos. Edgar and his family are able to sustain themselves by everything on their farm and they make a name for their products by the quality and love put into the products.  I took this opportunity in Costa Rica as a chance to work on myself to live every moment for a purpose and find out what I can do to make myself better, help others along the way and also help the environment I live in.


Laugh every day at a dog. Dogs add so much to life and so much laughter.  Although the dog is not mine, he knows that when the “Himes House Girls” comes to get him it will be a good time. Moose never ceases to bring laughter to our house when we need it most. Have a hard test coming up? Let Mooose be a study break. Had a rough week? Take Moose for a long walk and talk. Do you just want to see the dog? Go to the backyard and see which oversized stick he brings up to you.  Through the calm and through the storm, this dog is always there to add a laugh or two.  One time this past semester after a rough week, I remember that silly dog jumping on to the kitchen table and just sitting on it like he owned the place.  It was hard not to laugh even though he knew it was wrong.  Laughing every day with the help of a dog has caused some of the stresses of college to disappear. Thank you Moose for the endless laughs and thanks to your owner for letting us borrow you so much!


Love beyond words with God. “Love is patient and kind….It does not insist on its own way. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends…. So these three remain: faith, hope and love; but the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:4-13

Many people can overuse or underuse the words “I Love You.” I took these words for granted every time someone said them to me, that was until I didn’t hear them say it any more. There are people that come in and out of my life every year and it gets a little more difficult every time. In 2014, I lost one of the most important people in my life and it wasn’t until I couldn’t talk to her any more that I felt lost. Grandma Mildred was able to love beyond words with her love for animals, farming and family. I remember working countless hours in the garden, hauling hay and feeding baby calves. This woman was truly wonderful and would do anything for the people in her life. She taught me so much and I wish I could tell her how much she means to me. Instead, I will show her legacy through her highest quality of loving beyond words.

God also tells us to be doers of the world and having faith without work is dead. I hope and pray that I can show you my faith through my works, just like Mildred did.  I hope that people can see God’s work through me in all I do: Sigma Alpha, College of Agriculture, school, work and interactions with people.  My hope is I can inspire others to be a steward of the land and God’s work.


Live every moment, Laugh every day and Love beyond words. Living by this motto has changed my life this past year. In all the stress of class, work and life in general, it’s easy to breath and just say: Live, Laugh, Love.


In love and Sisterhood,

Melissa Poet


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One response to “Live, Laugh, Love learned from Costa Rica, a Dog and God

  1. Lalane McClure

    Mellissa! I am so thankful God brought you into our lives! I love hearing how He is working in your life! I pray wherever you may go, we can still love on you from near and far 🙂

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