Somewhere on a beach..?

Being a member of the Kansas state soil judging team has blessed me with many opportunities including traveling to Crookston MN for the NACTA soil judging competition. It is amazing to see just how different the soils are in different states and usually it is very surprising to me some of the amazing things that myself and my teammates learn. It is easy for me to say whenever anyone asks me what my favorite part of attending K-State is it would definitely be being a member of the soil judging team because I learn so much and get to travel and see new things. When in Crookston we came across a few soil pits that looked like nothing we had seen before, the weather was cold there about 35-40 F in the mornings so when we got to the pits the soil was still partially frozen so that was something else we do not usually see in Kansas when looking at soils. When we started investigating and describing these pits our coach Mickey said to us “ I will buy anyone who gets the parent material correct on this pit”. After hearing this we all knew that it was going to be something we had never seen before so we all started guessing and pondering on our thoughts to guess what this soil could possibly be. When it came time to hear the answers, we were all waiting patiently to see what the parent material was and this soil in northern Minnesota was actually a beach!! Come to find out the location that we were describing was actually a glacial lake and where this particular pit was was the shore line making it a beach. So as we were digging through frozen soil we were actually on a beach. It is just so amazing all of the amazing opportunities that K-State has given me and sometimes you can learn things that you would never even think could be possible. So no matter where you are you could always be somewhere on a beach.


In Sisterhood,

Tara Wilson


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