Why is it so important to have transparency from the producer to the consumer?

Coming to college after growing up on a farm and surrounded be agriculture my entire life I have realized not everyone knows even the basics of a farm. I have also noticed that sometimes we don’t take the time to think about what that individual knows or what they are thinking. A person who doesn’t know any better or hasn’t been exposed to that kind of environment only has their imagination to think about what happens on a farm.

After attending a food for thought lecture, I had realized that some people grow up in such a different environment. Some might have been raised having a certain opinion about a certain product or topic, such as all natural versus organic. Chef Alli, who was at the food for thought lecture said “A person that doesn’t know better can think that a tiny implant in a cow can be so much bigger than that actual tiny tiny implant.” The consumer can think this for a couple reasons, some which could be their environment, lack of previous knowledge or another influence. After listening to a story Chef Alli told about a women telling Chef Alli that implants were very large, Chef Alli said we should never underestimate the power of a connection from the producer to consumer. With this being said I think there are many ways we can improve the connection and outreach to the consumers more, including,

  • Social Media
  • Making sure to send a positive message
  • Being open to showing an example
  • Having hands on examples available
  • Having an opportunity to learn more if wanted or interested

After coming to K-state I realized there are so many ways agriculture can be promoted and the word can be spread. I am eager to see how in the future we can continue to advocate for agriculture and spread knowledge.

In Sisterhood,

Abigail Wahl


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